Monday, April 23, 2012

Confessions from a multi-tasking mommy

Ok, I’ve said it before and now I’m having to repeat myself for my own good . . . Multi-tasking is bullsh*t!

Between the move and balancing my full time job (Stay at home mommyhood) with my part time job as a nonprofit fundraiser, I have managed to do a half @$$ job at just about everything these days.  I’ve decided that anyone who tells you they are a “great multi-tasker” really means, “I’m a great half-@$$er”!

So here’s what I’ve learned about multi-tasking:

1)      Leave the f*&%ing phone at home.  Being on the phone while you are trying to shuttle your children from place to place only ends up with you dropping one child off at the wrong softball field and forgetting that you have to work the snack bar at the other softball field (that is about 3 miles from the first one and you thought you were volunteering for the snack bar because your daughter’s game was actually at the snack bar field when in reality if you had read the e-mail correctly rather than being on the phone, you would have noticed it wasn’t the snack bar field and you wouldn’t have volunteered for the snack bar in the first place).  Anyone follow that?! 

2)      I cannot pull all nighters, particularly during softball season!  Due to my own procrastination I had to stay up until 3am on Friday night/Saturday morning preparing for a meeting that I had plenty of notice for, and wouldn’t you know it that the Ego (middle child) had her softball game at 7:45am!  Seriously, God has a sense of humor and just wanted to torture me knowing that I would procrastinate!  However, that same God sent Husband from Heaven to the game for me.  :-)

3)      Do not take your eyes off the baby when she is putting away her laundry; for if you do, you may find that one day you go to her drawers to find some pants and when you open what you thought was the pants drawer this is what she will say to you “here’s what I decided about the drawers; this one and this one and this one and this one are all free choice”.  Girlfriend only has 4 drawers and she has now informed me that all four of them are “free choice”.  Just as I have surrendered to the lunch box, I have surrendered to the dresser.  She only wears three pairs of clothes anyway, so I’m not really sure why I don’t just empty them all out!

4)      DO NOT take the small car to Costco.  Again, I was on the phone and was halfway to Costco before I realized I was in my small two door car to not only make the Costco run, but to also pick up all three of my children and their HUGE backpacks from school.  Oh, and lets thrown in a load of laundry that I needed to drop off at the old house because I still don’t have my washer/dryer in the new house, and we've got a true clown car.   I had intended to take the Suburban.  I think I need to just write it on a sticky note on the garage door next time.
I will say, I am a pretty d@mn good packer. Not one of those eggs broke and the bread is still fluffy!  Of course, when I got home I realized we already had 3 gallons of milk in the fridge already.  That is some serious space I wasted!!!  :-)
Moral for today – I need a vacation . . . to Tahiti . . . WITHOUT children!!!  Now THAT I can focus on!

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  1. Lol. I'm so bad at multi tasking and would be lost without my million lists and even then I screw up. ;)