Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Hunt"ing for Camp Runamuk fun!

Yesterday (ok, actually it was now 2 days ago because I have been fighting with my internet connection for the last hour - AND, E.B. has to get up in 5 hours to hide the you know whats, and boy is he going to be cranky!!!) OK, back to the show . . . Friday was the last day of Camp Runamuk and I decided to host the First Annual Dugdale Trifecta Easter Egg Hunt.

Here’s what you get when you have 4 mommies + 14 kids + 225 eggs + 12 tons of sugar =

1)      Sometimes even the snails want some chocolate!

Those eggs had been out for literally 10 minutes, and we had an attempted robbery!
2)      If you’re going to tell children ranging in age from 1 to 10 that they each need to collect 17 eggs, you’d better be d@mn sure you did your math right.  At some point the mommies lost count of how many eggs there were and how many each child should get.  When two of the oldest kids came up 8 and 10 eggs short and we counted the younger kids’ eggs three times and they all did not go over their allotment, somehow the yard swallowed the extra eggs!  I’m still convinced they’re in the diaper of one of the little ones!!!

On your mark, get set, GOOOOOOOO!
      3)       Easter Egg Hunts are a fantastic place to test out whether you are diabetic!

How cute is this little bunny who has just eaten her weight in chocolate?!

4)      Games suck . . . I tried to do Hop, Skip and Jump, and it was nothing short of a complete train wreck.  Oh, and after giving children SEVENTEEN eggs filled with candy, the sticker eggs you have as prizes for the games will just not suffice.  I’ve never seen such disappointment to find out that their “prize” was stickers.

Seriously, what was I thinking trying to top this circle of 10:30am sugar filled fun?!
5)      I don’t care what Martha Stewart says . . . when there are 14 children running a muk, there just isn’t time for a leisurely brunch with mimosas on the porch.  I’m not sure where she hijacks the kids in her backyard Easter feasts from, but my children are completely nuts and would have eaten all the jelly beans in the candy dish in no time flat had it not been for one of the other kids who told on them!! 

6)     When you have a craft for the children to do, they will make it a little more than half way through before they lose interest and the mommies have to finish it up!  This one turned out soooooo cute, but the 3 kids to 1 mommy ratio just wasn't cuttin' it.  We were waaaaay too slow!
This was my test bunny.  The kids' bunnies came out way cuter!
Some bunny to love!

7)   When you have made really cute robin’s egg nests, try to remember to give it to the kids BEFORE they all get in the car.  The look of terror was priceless on the faces of the moms when I came dashing out with chocolate and coconut filled spoons and stuck them into their car windows asking the kids “do you want some chocolate”.  Bless this little one's mommy who didn’t know what was in store . . .

I seriously think my children might have gone into a diabetic coma after the egg hunt.  But, a fantastic time was had and here are notes for next year:
1)      Repeat the following:

a. Jelly Bean daffodils – This Martha Stewart template was a pain in the @$& to cut out this year, but they’ll be perfect for next year!

Slave labor to separate the jelly beans really helps.  Oh, and the Sweet Tart yellow and orange jelly beans look better than Starburst.
b.      Sock bunnies – OMG, these things turned out soooo cute!  This was a Disney Family Fun project using mismatched socks (you know, the ones the dryer always eats the mate to), uncooked rice (they suggested lentils, but have you seen the price of lentils?!  Only Walt Disney himself could afford enough lentils to fill socks for 14 kids!), rubber bands, ribbon, black and pink felt and cotton balls.

c.       Robin’s Egg nests – just remember to give them to the kids on time.  Oh, and when life throws you the wrong ingredients, just improvise.  This was supposed to be made with chocolate sprinkles, but I didn’t have any.  So, these are melted chocolate chips, dipped in coconut and topped with Robin’s Eggs (or you can also use jelly beans).


Don't forget the slave labor.  It really is the key to any successful egg hunt!
2) F*#& the games.  I don’t care what any of those magazines say about games – kids aren’t into them.  So, next year we’re startin’ with a craft, then on to the hunt, then on to letting the children run crazy and play while the mommies talk over mimosas.

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