Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's time to SPAAAA. . . . RTAY - the Mommy version!

So not to be outdone by the little Id, mommy had planned a spa party of her own for her birthday.  Mommy’s version, of course, involved borrowing Nana and Sir’s condo for a sleepover with her college roommates and some incredible peace and quiet for a WHOLE DAY!!  Shhhhh, don't tell the Id that mommy got a sleepover and she didn't.

And, now, of course, we not only have a Husband from Heaven who took the Ego for the weekend, but we also have an Uncle from Heaven (who might get an inflated head if we tell him that too often, so we’re going to keep that part under wraps) who took care of the other two over the weekend.

One again, because of the wonderful design talents of my friend Melinda and her Sparkleberry Studio, I had a gorgeous birthday set up.
How adorable are these glasses?!  Painted with gold paint and glitter.  There's a little more to it than that, but these were plain glasses that are now fabulous!  Again, Melinda is amazing!

Here’s what every mom needs to know about hosting your own spa party sleepover:

     1) When your friend puts your candles on your cake, you MAY want to open all the windows and doors and make sure the fire alarm isn't nearby.  

No, we did NOT burn down my parents' condo, but apparently as you get older the "stick them all in the center and light the torch" approach is best.  MUCH easier to blow out that way and not look like an @$$ in front of your friends.
     1)   DO NOT eat chocolate cake right before you go to bed, much less two pieces.  I had two pieces of chocolate cake and was actually e-mailing my girlfriends at 2:30 in the morning because I couldn’t sleep!  D@MNIT!!

Once again a gorgeous cake from my friend Marianne.  This had chocolate cake and chocolate mousse filling.  And best of all, it was GLUTEN FREE.  None of us believes it was gluten free because it was so tasty.  And, that's buttercream frosting, not fondant.  Soooooo tasty!
      2)   DO eat chocolate cake for lunch the next day.  You can have as many pieces as you want because the children aren’t there to see you eating it all!  By the way, eating that cake one sliver at a time DOES NOT reduce it’s calorie content!!!

Of course, I added cheese, crackers and grapes just for some nutritional value.
      3)   DO NOT rush when you are packing for your spa trip.  For if you do, you will find that you forgot:

a.     your bathing suit - Now, under most circumstances this would not be a problem, and in Vegas, naked at the spa is acceptable and encouraged.  At the Hotel Del Coronado, on the other hand, NOOOOOOOOOOT appropriate.  So, instead you will find yourself laying out in the sun in your robe, sweating your @$$ off because topless would just not cut it - there's that and the fact that the spa pool area actually overlooks the entire Del courtyard with small children passing by!  

b.     and your contacts case.  You may think this is not a necessity, but then you will realize you have to take them out so that you can nap during your faaaaaabulous massage.  So, like any MacGyver multi-tasking mommy, you will improvise and use . . . . mouthwash cups! Shhhhhhhhh, don’t tell my eye Dr.  whose kid had on the titanium nailpolish at the Id’s party!   Just make sure you remember which one holds which eye because, of course, you also won’t be able to fashion a sharpie out of your @$$ to label them. 

      4)   I can’t be 100% sure, but I’m pretty sure it does not qualify as cheating if you thoroughly enjoy the hot stone “butt rub” from your male masseuse.  And yes, he did massage more than just my butt, and it wasn’t really a full butt rub, just half of each cheek, but I am telling you, this was the most incredible hot stone massage ever!  And yes, HfH just revoked my spa privileges.
      5)   And finally, make sure that at least once a year you invite your inner circle of girlfriends out for some quality time.  There is no better gift you can give yourself or your sanity!!!

Long time college roommates!

"New" San Diego friends!

One last P.S. If you allow your friend to get you a balloon that looks like something you can ride on, yes, you will look like an @$$ the next day trying to stuff that thing into your car!

My kids love this balloon!!!

     Recommendations for mommy spa day:
     Hotel Del Coronado spa.  For their 125 Anniversary this year they have discounted rates for San Diego locals.  And honestly, this really was the best massage I've ever had.  Also, the amenities are ocean front and wonderful!!  Highly recommend.

     Il Fornaio restaurant.  Gorgeous skyline and wonderful outdoor patio.  However, the service was horrible and the food was only marginal.

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