Sunday, December 16, 2012

On the fourth day of Christmas . . .

. . . we all know what that means, mommy’s got another diversion.

This time it’s to the Living Nativity at Horizon Prep Academy.  

Notice the water spots - we were in the rain most of the time, and the kids loved it!
With all the lists and events and presents and food and, . . . and . . . and . . . to remember this holiday season, it’s easy to forget the reason for the season. 

That’s why I wanted to go to the Living Nativity, and let me tell you, this was not your typical living nativity with just the birth of Jesus displayed.  There were 5 separate scenes, too many actors to count, and this story came to life in an extraordinary way. 

The nativity was so moving that the Superego (oldest child) said to me as we were walking out the door “mommy, I’m so sorry for how we acted earlier today.” 

Holy SH*T!!! probably would have been inappropriate to yell at that moment, but “scared the beJesus out of” might have been appropriate!

From a petting zoo to camel rides to games to crafts to Kettle Corn to Ice Skating, this place had it all and with the exception of $7 for Kettle Corn and $5 for Ice Skating, it was all FREE.  They even had some pretty tasty food trucks.

The nativity will still be going on 5:30-8:30pm on December 21, 22 and 23 if you are in San Diego and you’d like to go.  A few recommendations:
      1)   Get there right at 5:30.  We waited in line for an hour, but it was a ½ hour show.
      2)   Plan to spend at least 2 hours there.
      3)   Take at least one other adult.  That person can stand in line while you take the kids to all of the other activities.
      4)   The very last scene of the nativity is dark and can be a little scary for some of the younger kids.
      5)   Prepare to eat there.  They have several very tasty food trucks, and of course, did I mention the Kettle Corn?  Also, and this was a class act, they had FREE water stations.

Highly recommend this as a reminder of why we celebrate. 

And, because it wouldn’t be a Griswold family Christmas, I mean Dugdale family Christmas without Shenanigans:

Grandparents Version
. . . bet you were wondering who would call . . .

Don't fret, we didn't forget, just got caught up at the mall.

 Four calling birds, we can't pay the fare,

For all we have is a purse full of air.

As Christmas approaches, important calls we must make, 

Today it's the four of us, and the fifth, a photo they must take.

Friends Version

Four calling birds, we can't pay the fare,

For all we have is a purse full of air.

As Christmas approaches, and calls you must make,

Don't use these coins or the phone you may break.
For one that chocolate is not your thing,
a strawberry lipgloss we did bring.*

The coins we got from World Market and they look like US coins.  The girls loved them!
*The last verse was added for one family where we knew the daughter didn’t like chocolate and we had brought only chocolate items on day 2.

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