Sunday, January 22, 2012

What do Tom and Jerry, Sharks and Tie-dye have in common?!

They are the crazy things that mommies do for their children’s birthday parties.  The Ego turned 8 yesterday.  But, guess where her bad mommy was?!  In a tent, by herself, at the Girl Scout headquarters in Balboa Park learning how to tent camp!  8 years ago I was in the hospital laboring to have that child and eight years later I was laboring to learn how to create new and different experiences for her!  Because I was going to be a bad mommy and miss the actual day, I delayed her birthday party by a day and asked her what theme she wanted for her birthday.  Her answer . . . Tom and Jerry!  Are you f*#&ing kidding me?!  From all the 400 themes she could have chosen she picks the ONE that requires everything to be mail order and I only had 5 days to get it here.
As I was trying to figure out how I was going to manufacture Tom and Jerry swag in 5 days or less I thought about my friend Tammie who sent me an e-mail a few weeks ago to share with me her family fun.  She had baked a Shark cake for her son's birthday!  This is what Tammie’s cake looked like and it inspired me to think that I could make a Tom and Jerry cake! 
Tammie's family fun lesson learned "make sure you take pictures right after you make the cake in case your 8 month old doggy decides to bite off the fin"!  I HATE when that happens.  I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one it happens to.
Here’s what I learned about thinking that you can do something that’s WAAAAY above your pay grade for your child’s birthday; and, just for giggles, at the end I’ll share how my shenanigans have inspired other mothers to torture themselves as well:
1)      When the Birthday Express catalog arrives at your house a few days before your child’s birthday DO NOT give it to them.  Otherwise, you may find that they select (and cannot be talked out of) the one theme that went off television 20 years ago and now the only way you can get those themed items is to pay double the cost of the items for the shipping!  Tom and Jerry plates and napkins - $6; two day shipping to ensure they arrive on time - $12.50; Husband from Heaven finding out about this on your blog - PRICELESS!

That face, is priceless!

2)  When you have the bright idea that you will make a Tom and Jerry cake because there is no way you're going to find it for $22.95 at the grocery store, you MAY find out you are NOT the Cake Boss and should instead call a baker to make it for you.  However, you may then also learn that the really cool Tom and Jerry cake will cost you $270.  I could hear Husband from Heaven's question now "are Tom and Jerry gold plated?"  Had I purchased that cake, I have a feeling that might have ended up being what they call an "irreconcilable difference".

So, instead, we had the ghetto fabulous version of Cake Boss.  It's called "Ice Cream cake with a dessert plate stuck in the frosting."
3)     When you are desperately trying to come up with ideas as to how to pull off a bizarre theme for your child’s party, you MAY want to show your desperation to a friend who might take pity on you.  I asked the Id’s room mother for some suggestions because I had seen the great party she put together for the kids' holiday party and thought she might be able to tell me what to buy or print outs to make.  Before I knew it this angel from heaven realized I was completely useless in the party planning and offered to buy all the stuff and put together everything needed to make our Tom and Jerry party classy and fun!  If I had been left to my own devices this party would have looked like a Big Lots had exploded.  Instead, it looked like something right out of a Martha Stewart magazine.  However, I could see the sweat starting to pour down the poor woman’s face when in order to have a little bit of Tom and Jerry in the cake I shoved a dessert plate in the frosting.  It was all she could do not to say to me “you can’t be serious with that”!  (she, of course, would never cuss).  God bless this woman, if she had a website I would give it to you, but until she does I’ll just tell you that her name is Melinda and if you ever need any kind of children’s event or corporate event coordinated and planned, let me know and I will connect you with her because she will do an amazing job. 

One of these things is not like the others . . . Everything on the table looked gorgeous . . . and then we brought in the cake.  That was my one contribution to the party!!  People like me are why people like Melinda will always have a steady stream of work! 
4)     And finally, apparently my shenanigans are inspiring some pretty crazy things - After the Tom and Jerry fun I picked up the Id from a friend’s birthday party and instead of a favor bag her mother handed me a hand Tie-dyed towel.  When I looked at her cross eyed and said "did you do this yourself?"  (and yes, I know, glass houses), she told me she was trying to keep up with my shenanigans and would have made a Barbie cake for the party, but when she was tie-dying at 1am there just wasn’t time!  I think I’m going to start putting a “do not try this at home” disclaimer on my blog.  If I don’t you all will start suing me for all the sleepless nights and crazy things I get you into.  I have to say though, the Id loves her towel and I am very proud of my friend for her creativity and most importantly, for not giving me a big huge bag of party favor sh*t to take home.  DO NOT get me started on b*tching about birthday party favor bags . . .


  1. Wow! What a day! But I love the plate in the cake, it looks cute.

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    1. Love the Say Gifts blog. So creative and unique. There are many scenarios where those will not only be helpful for my spouse, but also for me for unique and fun gifts! Thanks for following. I look forward to following you as well.

  2. LOL... you had quite a day :) I also live in San Diego. I found you on the blog hop.

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  3. Lord knows I could use some fashion advice! Your blog was full of great ideas. Thanks so much.

  4. Love your blog. Will give me some great ideas. I think I'm going to need to stage a Michael Jackson Thriller flashmob with my girls and their friends!! I loved that post, and especially the photo.

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