Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just in case parent of the year isn't all wrapped up . . .

. . . I figured I should provide a post I was going to do in April shortly after Husband from Heaven and I thought it would be a good idea to take the children to the middle of the desert for the Stagecoach Music Festival.  Of course, I actually forgot that I had written this post until I came it across it today.  I also think I hesitated in posting this for fear that my mother would add it to her already thick custody file; but, we’re so far gone and as we all plan our summer vacations, I figured someone might actually be able to benefit from what I call:

Quotes from your children indicating that you may want to select another vacation destination:

     “Can you get on the microphone and tell everyone in Palm Springs not to litter” – The Id (baby) expressing her dismay at all the trash on the ground.

So much dirt, so little time!
     “This place is the hottest place on earth”! – The Id midway through day 2.
Note to self . . . DO NOT give baby niece the squirt bottle.  This little cutie pie will spray everything within a 10 foot radius, including the people sitting next to us.  And, have you ever tried to remove a squirt bottle from the arms of a 2 year old?  I'm certain they heard her all the way to Indio when we tried to get that thing from her.
      “Mommy, they hurted my ears” – The Ego (middle child) after having her eardrums burst by a drunk person screaming with excitement for the next band to come on.
       “Mommy, I saw 2 people throw up today . . . the Id and THAT guy” – The Ego referring to her sister vomiting in a trash can while on a shopping trip (still not sure what she ate that made her so sick – she was fine after throwing up), and the drunk guy as we were leaving the concert.

I'm pretty certain it couldn't have been all the sugar we gave the Id that made her puke!
    “Are shots beer?  I heard this girl say  ‘do you want shots or beer”.  The Superego (oldest) after passing by the beer pavilion.
      “My souvenir from Stagecoach is smoke in my lungs” – The Superego as we were leaving on day 3.

And for your entertainment, the metamorphosis of the children over the weekend - From Country to Rap stars:


Ok, maybe the Superego looked like a rap star the entire time!


By far, the Ego's transformation was the most complete!
I have no words to describe how much grief this child is going to cause me during my lifetime!

The Id, circa age 22 . . . after a rough night out . . . oh, wait, I mean . . .
Until the next learning moment . . . 

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