Monday, June 17, 2013

Clampett Family Father's Day

So here's a lesson I learned the hard way . . . when it is Father's Day and you feel guilty because you have left your three children plus your niece with your husband on his day so that you could attend your cousin's graduation, do not say "sure honey, we can do whatever you want after I get home in early afternoon".  If you say this, you may find that your husband says "Ok, I'd like to go to the Swap Meet".  We all know that I adore HfH, but his frugality can drive me batty!  He knows full well that anything that starts with "Swap" gives me hives.  But, it was his day, so off we went.

Here's what I learned about something for which the only description I can come up with is "Craigslist on Steroids":

1) If on the Friday before Father's Day you take your husband on a trip to the mall for clothes shopping, and while you are in Target (and you are not looking) he purchases a 12 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon, shame on you for not seeing the "Swap Meet" request coming!  At least he was starting his Clampett Family Father's Day weekend in style.

2) DO NOT fall for the Babycakes donut maker that they "throw in for free" with the purchase of an industrial faucet (do NOT ask about that faucet).

If you want to make your husband feel better about the purchase,
point out to him that at Michaels these things cost $30.  
I have GOT to learn my lesson about these pieces of sh*t!!!  They're just like those "As Seen on TV" pieces of sh*t that everyone keeps buying.  As you can see on the package, they look all nice and perfect.  Of course, upon closer inspection of the photo, you can see that they have actually turned the donuts over and left the flatter, less "donut like" sides (as seen in my photo above) away from the picture.  I guess that's how they get away with it not being false advertising!!  I now have a cake pop maker, brownie maker and donut maker.  They all have a happy home at the back of the cabinets so that HfH doesn't see them and bring up that I actually paid money for those!!!  Next week he's gonna make me sit out at the Swap Meet all weekend to see how much I can get for them!
3) If you seem to have a problem in your house where all of your spoons are somehow missing (we're pretty sure they're with all the matching socks from the dryer - either that or in mommy's car because she keeps stealing them for her morning breakfast yogurt on the run), even your frugal husband isn't willing to chance lead poisoning for a chance at 12 spoons for $2.  We both mentioned that we needed more spoons and I was certain he'd jump at the chance.  But, alas, when we noticed they were "made in China" and didn't say Stainless Steel we couldn't take the chance!

4) Although you have come home with everything from an industrial sink to books for the kids to decorations for the house to 3 pairs of shoes, to (lest we forget) a piece of sh*t donut maker, all for $59.99, Husband from Heaven MAY still say "I still don't feel like we got a great deal on anything".  Considering the fact that 98% of what we saw probably fell off the back of a truck somewhere, he may be right!

I have to admit, (shhhhhhhh, don't tell HfH) I did enjoy the swap meet and would go again.  I felt we got some good deals and found a few items we'd been looking for.  The one we went to was Kobey's at the Sports arena, and I'd definitely go back.

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