Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The anti-pinterest!

I thought this title was only fitting because to me, Pinterest is something akin to the anti-Christ.  And I've decided that to save mommies out there from hours of trying these crazy DIY ideas, I'll instead post the "real mommy" version of Pinterest ideas.  We'll call it "What this sh*t really looks like erest".  Maybe "Realsh*terest" for short.  Still too long and complex?!

In order to get some inspiration for my crazy shenanigans, I occasionally peek at Pinterest.  Despite urging from several friends I still haven't "joined" Pinterest for fear that they will in fact kick me off for posting what stuff really turns out like.

But, against my better judgement, the other day for the Ego and Superego's softball parties I thought I would use my new Cakepop maker and make little softballs.  Thankfully this cakepop maker was from BabyCakes, and it makes perfect cake pops every time - unlike the Jaba the Hut version that was circa 4th of July 2012.

Btw, cake that looks hideous, does not taste hideous!  Just for grins I should have laid these out at the 4th of July picnic for everyone at the park to see and wonder "what in the hell happened there?!"  And rather than a sign that says "SH*T Happens" it would have had a sign that said "Pinterest Happens".

But, here is "the sh*t that neither BabyCakes nor Pinterest will tell you" before you embark on your cake pop adventure:

1) All Pinterest posts should have a warning label that says "These posts were made by professionals and/or people who had WAAAAAAAY more time to practice this sh*t than you do and therefore DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME".**

2) Kids and dads don't give a sh*t what it looks like, they'll eat anything that begins with choco and ends with frosting. 

After several rounds of "how the f*&# do I get these things to frost and sit in the little cup nicely" I gave up, put them in a bowl, and left them out on the counter with a big tub of frosting.  Everyone loved the "make your own" cakepop project.  Or, as some might call it "mommy doesn't give a sh*t what you do with these things, as long as she doesn't have to look at them anymore"!!

3) Always have the proper tools for your frosting so as not to frighten small children with your frankenstrawberries!

These things frightened even mommy.  And, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it, but apparently the one there in the bottom left corner had been put on the plate too early (before it could harden) so that when I went to pull it off the plate, the whole f*#%ing shell came off.

So until I get more time to practice OR more money to pay professionals to make these projects, I'm going to stick to chocolate chip cookies and brownies.  I might go out on a limb and add some sprinkles for extra effect.  

**For fear of being sued by a Pinterest user, I have not posted the Pinterest versions of these projects, but if you Google "Pinterest softball ideas", you'll see what I intended my softballs to look like.

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