Saturday, February 2, 2013

Operation Groundhog!

You've heard of Punxsutawney Phil, well meet Do-si-do Dottie!!

It's Girl Scout cookie time and mommy's absolutely lost her mind (as if this was a surprise to anyone).

Today as I was pondering what to do for Groundhog day (and in case you are wondering, yes, I've been drinking a lot lately, hence coming up with the idea to do something for Groundhog Day), I came across this adorable dessert in the Disney Family Fun magazine.  I'd show you a picture of what theirs looked like, but a) I can't find it on the internet; and b) why would I do that and show you what this is actually supposed to look like?!  Their dessert is a groundhog made with Pepperidge Farm Mint Milano cookies and Oreos, among other things.

As I looked in my garage at more girl scout cookies than I could ever fathom I thought "well, why should I pay extra for cookies when I've got a few right here?!".  Of course, the ever frugal Husband from Heaven pointed out that I would have gotten waaaaaay more cookies for much cheaper if I had bought the Milanos and Oreos!

But, alas, in true mommy fashion I decided to make my own version of Groundhog cookies and this is how they turned out:

The girls mimicking what emotion they think their groundhog has!  The Ego's got a pretty good "mad" face.  And we all know how much practice the Id has had with the fake sad face!!!
These were super easy to make.  Just make pudding according to this recipe (this was sooooo good).
Then, use the following ingredients:
Crushed Thin Mints
Do-si-do cookies
Slivered almonds (2 for the ears and smaller broken pieces for teeth)
Butterscotch, peanut butter or white chocolate chips (whatever might be in your cupboard)
Black or brown frosting or gel

Crush up the thin mints and put on top of the pudding

Put some slivered almonds in a Do-si-do for ears;
Attach the chips (we used white chocolate and "glued it on" using left over pudding);
Put some gel dots on for eyes
Shove some almond pieces in under the white chocolate chips for teeth (check out the snaggle tooth below on the front left) and

Before you know it, you have Do-si-do Dottie!!

Hopefully the groundhog in your area didn't see it's shadow.  Here in San Diego, I'm not sure it's ever seen it's shadow.  I'm certain we'll see 80 degrees before the week is out.

I hope you enjoyed your Groundhog Day!  And, don't forget to support those girl scouts in your lives!

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