Friday, July 13, 2012

Mommy, why is your hair so big?

. . . is what the Ego and the Id asked me in response to this photo

In preparation for my 20th High School Reunion next week I pulled out some photos and lets just say that I thought they only had big hair in Texas.  Holy crap . . . I could not find one photo without big hair.  I think the better question for them to ask is “why did you temporarily tattoo yourself for a school dance”!

Of course, lets not forget that this question is coming from children who on a daily basis torture me by looking like this

Speaking of their shenanigans, got another Dear Mrs. Dugdale phone call the other day.  It appears that the Id (the baby) “kissed her friend on the cheek and she learned how to do this by watching her mommy and daddy”.  I guess I should just be grateful she didn’t say “sh*t, I don’t know where I learned it”.  Now THAT would be something I would have said!
My children and their shenanigans are my mother’s best gift to herself!

I’m off to drop 2/3 of the trifecta off at summer camp and am not sure how the Id is going to survive as an only child; or more importantly, how I will survive as the sole source of entertainment for that kissing, make up wearing, cheerleading (oh yeah, did I mention that I’m going to be a cheer mom – oh yes mommies, this is gonna be a fun chapter), crazy little child. 
Do they still have drive thru liquor stores in New Mexico?!  I’m gonna need one of those.

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  1. You gotta love kids and their fashion sense... mine do the same thing! Good luck with being a cheer mom!